Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

Are you looking for some fun, sugar-free Easter basket ideas? We’ve got you covered. These Easter basket ideas may be sugar-free but they are sure to be a hit this Easter Sunday.

Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is one of those holidays that is all about the sugar. Some of the most popular Easter foods and treats are filled with sugar and very hard to avoid. I know as a full-fledged sugar addict, I have a hard time avoiding them so I have to have alternatives around to help me satisfy my cravings.

When it comes to Easter baskets, though, there are some great options that are completely sugar-free. I grew up with Easter baskets that were filled with sugar but my hope is, that if my kids have mostly sugar-free options, they’ll learn to love healthier options.

First, you’ll need a basket. I like to get creative when it comes to our baskets. I have a few classic baskets I’ll use, but some years I want to buy something new. When I buy new, I look for something that serves a double purpose so we can get use out of it after Easter is over.

Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite Easter basket alternatives:

Here are some of our favorite sugar-free Easter basket ideas for kids:

Sugar Free Easter Basket Ideas

For younger kids, I love filling Easter baskets with little toys. They won’t even miss the sugar if they have a few things to play with.

Stuff like bubbles (we love this brand because they make such amazing bubbles but these little bubble wands would be so cute in a basket.

Craft supplies are always a hit, no matter what age your kids are. Here are some of our favorites:

Books are always a hit. We like to include a book in everyone’s Easter basket at our house. It gives each kid something to read on Easter and really helps them get excited about reading. Mad Libs are always a hit. If your kids haven’t discovered those yet, this Easter Mad Libs book would be a huge hit.

One year we did baskets full of gardening supplies. We included little pots, kid-sized gardening supplies (like this cute little gardening set for kids), and seeds for each kids. We had a blast that Easter Sunday planning out our garden and planting seeds in each little pot. Since Easter always feels like the start of spring to me, it was fitting to be enjoying one of the best things about the season.

Personal care items are another great option. I always include at least a few things my kids need in their Easter baskets. It makes it way more fun to receive them as a gift. I try to do things that are still exciting, like a fun scented bubble bath or flavored lip balm (like these that come in such great flavors).

Stuff like sunscreen (this is our favorite), facial wipes, shampoo, a new toothbrush, or lotion are great options too.

Sugar-Free Easter Basket Treats

Sugar Free Easter Basket Treats

Even if you are going sugar-free, you can still have some fun treats in your kids’ Easter baskets. There are some great healthy and sugar-free options that are perfect for filling Easter baskets.

Here are some of our favorites:

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