Best Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup

Are you looking for the best sugar-free pancake syrup? These syrup options taste amazing and won’t spike your blood sugar.

Pancakes are a favorite breakfast option but they get a bit tricky when you’ve cut sugar out of your life.

While there are some great sugar-free pancakes or low-sugar pancake recipes, finding a sugar-free syrup you want to enjoy with them is a bit more complicated.

Alternatives to Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup

Before we jump into our favorite sugar-free pancake syrup options, you do have a few alternatives you can choose from.

  • Nut butter – I love topping my pancakes with nut butter. Clean Simple Eats has our favorite nut butters. You can save 10% using the Clean Simple Eats promo code “SugarBye” here.
  • Fresh fruit – Fresh berries or other fruit can be a great option to top your pancakes with. While these do have natural sugars, they also have plenty of fiber and other nutrients making them a better choice than syrup
  • Sugar-Free Whipped Cream – Sugar free whipped cream is super easy to make and tastes amazing on pancakes
  • Cinnamon Butter – Cinnamon is great for blood sugar regulation. Mix some cinnamon into softened butter and spread it on your pancakes for a great breakfast
  • Eggs and Bacon – Make your pancakes savory by topping them with eggs, bacon, and any of your other breakfast favorites

Best Sugar-Free Pancake Syrups

Choc Zero Sugar Free Maple Syrup

Choc Zero is one of my favorite brands for sugar-free products. Their flavor is so good that you don’t miss the sugar and their sugar-free maple syrup is perfect on pancakes.

Blackberry Patch Sugar-Free Blackberry Syrup

If you want to change things up a bit, this sugar-free blackberry syrup is delicious and works perfectly on your favorite pancakes.

Lankanto Monkfruit Syrup

Monkfruit is a fantastic sugar-free sweetener. I’m not personally a huge fan of the aftertaste you get with monkfruit but a lot of people really love it. This Lankanto monkfruit syrup is Keto friendly and is a great sugar-free syrup option.

Smuckers Sugar-Free Breakfast Syrup

If you want a brand you already know and an option that is pretty affordable, Smucker’s sugar-free breakfast syrup is a great choice. This syrup has the same texture you love and is made with Splenda.

RXSugar Organic Pancake Syrup | Keto Certified Syrup

This plant-based sugar-free syrup is GMO-free, Keto Certified, and tastes amazing. Their organic sugar-free maple syrup is great on pancakes but they also have a sugar-free chocolate syrup if you want to go that route.

We hope these sugar-free syrups give you some great options to choose from.

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